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April 1st, 2009 (11:12 am)

Прочитал сегодня в рассылке Red Sea College, что на днях на Рас Мухамеде видели Большую Белую акулу!
После этого гид решил второй дайв делать на локал, чтобы избежать еще одной встречи с хищником... Ну-ну...

Red Sea Diving College spots GREAT WHITE SHARK!

Red Sea diving college in Sharm has been the first to do a few things, host an underwater Olympics, see a dolphin birth, but here is an event even they (literally) didn’t see coming –
a Great White Shark!

Close encounter
In Ras Mohammed National park, the guests had just finished their dive and were all on the boat but one – the guide! Hooch, a longtime Sharmer, carries on the story..” I was the last on the boat, as the crew were lifting the ladder, I saw a large silhouette pass under the deck, followed by a large fin, that just kept circling the boat. I suddenly realized that I had never, in all my years diving here, seen one with those markings. I was thinking we had discovered a new species… Great White hadn’t even entered my head!”. But that was the call from guest Duncan Roopy, the only guest quick enough to snap the shark, who is by and amazing co-incidence, a marine biologist.

After lunch Hooch and his guests wisely choose to go diving on one of the local dive sites, for some reason they didn’t want to chance meeting this huge creature underwater again.

Great white sharks normally don't appear in the area, although last year their was an unconfirmed sighting in the southern Red Sea, so this is a unique case. "It must have been lost and somehow ended up in the Red Sea", says Mr Roopy. The normal habitat of the great white shark is in colder waters (12˚ to 24˚C) around South Africa or even the Mediterranean Sea.

Of course Red Sea Diving College is very excited about this encounter and therefore have made an extra page on our website www.redseacollege.com including all the pictures, some extra stories about the encounter and info about the shark itself. We are working hard on it so have a look from tomorrow!

A very excited team,

Red Sea Diving College
Red Sea Waterworld